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 Three Solutions for Electrical Safety

Let Applied Industrial Technologies help you avoid downtime, fines and safety risks!

For many plants that operate in older facilities or with older equipment, electrical safety is a difficult issue. When buildings were initially constructed, they did not have the immense power requirements needed today. Nor did OSHA and NFPA have the same mandates for electrical safety.

To bring your plant up-to-date – while arming your workers with valuable electrical knowledge – trust Applied Industrial Technologies. We offer the following three services, which can be ordered individually or in a cost-saving package, to keep you compliant, prevent OSHA fines, and most importantly, keep your facility and workers safe.

1. Electrical Survey

  • Level 3 Master Electricians conduct a full evaluation of your equipment and electrical connections.
  • Applied® will evaluate your systems for faults and possible failures, and give you recommendations for upgrades.
  • We will monitor voltage, report impedance, and evaluate wire size and voltage.
  • Thermographic imaging is available. This technology uses infrared cameras to identify “hot spots” in electrical connections.
  • Possible issues include exposed wiring, reversed polarity, over-fused or overloaded circuits, improper cable types and deteriorating cable and conduit.
  • Problems will be reported and rated as Minor, Serious or Critical.

2. Safety Labeling

  • To ensure compliance with the new 2008 NFPA 70e codes, Applied® will label all switchboards, panel boards, industrial control panels and motor control centers.
  • Labeling may signify potentially hazardous areas (such as arc flash and shock hazards), recommend personal protective equipment, indicate modifications and/or report voltage.
  • Applied® can use preprinted labels or provide a label maker and supplies.

3. Electrical Safety Training

  • The Arc Flash & Electrical Safe Work Practices (ESWP) course covers many OSHA and NFPA issues and standards.
  • Topics include PPE requirements, working on energized equipment, OSHA lockout requirements, the approach distance concept, energized work, voltmeter and ammeter use, personal protective equipment, personal safety grounding, bus plug-in, bus way, and switching.
  • Training may be customized to your plant and specific training needs.
  • We encourage plants to incorporate this training with the Electrical Survey and Safety Labeling process as described above. Your workers will benefit from the on-the-job application – and your total costs will be lower.

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