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Item Details
Part#: Part#: VSH-700ST PD
Item#: 101470372
Manufacturer: Rotor Clip
Weight: 0.371 lbs.
Product Name: External VSH Retaining Ring
Description: 7" Shaft, Carbon Spring Steel (Phosphate Coated), End-Play Take Up Type, Loose
Notes: Complies with RoHS restrictions on the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment
Price: $102.86
Inventory: In stock
Order Qty:
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Inch/MetricInchShaft Dia. [Min]
Shaft Dia. [Max]Shaft Dia.7 in
SeriesVSHMaterialCarbon Spring Steel
PlatingPhosphatePackage TypeLoose
Thickness [Min]Thickness [Max]
Thickness0.156 inBearing Series
Clearance Dia. Expanded Over ShaftDuty
FinishGroove Diameter [Min]
Groove Diameter [Max]Groove Diameter6.59 in
Groove Width [Min]Groove Width [Max]
Groove Width0.129 inHardness
Inside Free DiameterLength [Min]
Length [Max]Length
Manufacturer NameMaterial Specification
Nominal Shaft DiameterPkg. Qty.
QuantityRadial Wall Thickness
Ring StyleScrew Size
Screw StyleSection Height
Shaft RangeTypeEnd-Play Take Up
Allow Radius ChamferBow Height [Min]
Bow Height [Max]Bow Height
Clearance Expanded Over Shaft8.36 inClearance Installed in Groove8.16 in
Clearance Released Over ShaftDistance to End of Shaft [Min]
Edge Margin0.307 inEnd Play Take-Up0.027 in
Force to Flatten RingsFree Diameter [Min]
Free Diameter [Max]Free Diameter6.57 in
GapGroove Depth0.205 in
Height [Min]Height [Max]
HeightHole Dia. [Min]
Hole Dia. [Max]Hole Dia.0.187 mm
Length of StackLimiting Speed
Load Capacity [Min]Load Capacity [Max]21000 lb
Load CapacityLoad Capacity at 100 KM
Load Capacity of RingLug Height0.53 mm
Outside Dia. [Min]Outside Dia. [Max]
Outside Dia.RPM Limit
Tape Length of StackTape Rings Stack
Tape WidthThickness Beveled End0.121 in
Thrust Groove Safety Factor of 2 Pg Lb50500 lbfThrust Load Groove
Thrust Load Pg KnThrust Load Rating [Max]
Thrust Load Ring Pr KnThrust Ring Safety Factor of 2.5 Pr Lb
Thrust Ring Safety Factor of 3 Pr LbThrust Ring Safety Factor of 4 Pr Lb130529 lbf

Product Information
Type: external, beveled shaft and pins. External beveled (V) shaft ring. These rings look exactly like their SH counterpart, only they have a 15° angle on the inner edge. This combines with a complementary groove angle to eliminate end play by wedging itself between the groove and the retained part.

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