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 Eliminate Ice Buildup Before It Begins

ICE BREAKER GREEN Liquid Grounds/Surface Ice Preventative works hard to keep your ground and maintenance surfaces ice free and safe all winter long.

This tough-acting, eco-friendly industrial deicer/ice agent is most effective as a pre-treatment on walkways and parking lots. When you know bad weather is on its way, you can treat your critical areas hours or even minutes before the storm hits. ICE BREAKER GREEN's special formula stops ice, snow and frozen material from bonding to concrete and pavement at extremely low temperatures. It's safe to use and is a cleaner, friendlier approach to snow and ice management. Consistent use of ICE BREAKER GREEN makes a long-lasting impact on your wintertime productivity and safety.

ICE BREAKER GREEN dramatically outperforms typical dry salt products because…

  1. The chemicals in ICE BREAKER GREEN suppress the freeze point to -70°F to prevent ice and snow from bonding to the surface.
  2. Unlike salt, the liquid will not stain or track in, protecting carpet and tile, while not harming the cement.
  3. It is EPA approved and eco-friendly with the addition of a corn-engineered by-product.
    Where can I use 

            • Sidewalks
            • Parking Lots
            • Driveways
            • Loading Docks

  4. It has the superior ability to control ice and snow, typically, with one application. One gallon covers up to 1,500 square feet as a pre-treat.

Features and Benefits
    • Safe on all surfaces
90% less corrosive than salt
    • Non-slip, effective to -70°F 
    • Will not track or stain
    • Enhanced with corn by-product additive 
EPA approved 
Part No.Description
IBG0055-Gallon Pail
IBG05555-Gallon Drum
IBG330330-Gallon Tote
HH0032-Gallon Handheld Sprayer
BP0033-Gallon Backpack Sprayer

Handheld & backpack sprayers available for quick & easy application


To find out more about ICE BREAKER GREEN or to place an order, browse our online selection or contact your local Applied Industrial Technologies service center.

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