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 Cut Operating Costs and Control Assets

with Applied Industrial Technologies and SupplyPro®

SupplyPro automated dispensing systems bring control to your distributed inventory so you know where your assets and consumables are at all times. Managing inventory with SupplyPro systems reduces replacement MRO supply costs and time spent searching for supplies by securing distributed inventory and offering accountability of assets. Applied Industrial Technologies provides the asset management solution and the MRO supplies you use most to stock it.

SupplyPro automated dispensing systems consistently deliver cost savings and results that include:

  • 20-40% reductions in spend when adding control to distributed inventory
  • Reduction in on-hand inventory levels by 20-30%, increasing turns and effectiveness of working capital
  • Elimination of unaccounted tool loss
  • Reduction in procurement costs through automated ordering, interfacing into client systems and inventory alerts to avoid stockouts and associated expedite charges
  • Improved workforce productivity by eliminating time away from work area

SupplyPro devices can manage a wide range of commodities including, but not limited to:

    Multiple Solutions for Consumable and Asset Management:
    ⇒ SupplyBay Plus™  
    ⇒ SupplyLocker™  
    ⇒ SupplyAgent™  
    ⇒ SmartDrawer™  
    ⇒ SupplyScanner™ 

  • Cutting Tools - inserts, drills, taps, reamers, etc.
  • Electrical - connectors, sensors, batteries, transformers, etc.
  • Personal Protection Equipment - gloves, glasses, aprons, helmets, face shields, respirators, etc.
  • Power and Hand Tools - drills, sawzalls, socket sets, sanders, pliers, wrenches, calibrated instruments, etc.
  • Other - welding, abrasives, laptops, janitorial supplies, office supplies, adhesives, fasteners and much more

The savings in inventory and increase in productivity can be so substantial that customers report payback periods of mere months!

Committed to adding value through our Storeroom Services program, Applied Industrial Technologies can help you integrate a SupplyPro dispensing solution into your operation. For more information, contact your local service center.

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