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Product Questions

Answers from the Experts

Have a product question? Expert help is just a click away. We have product specialists at the ready to answer your questions, provide tips, and offer application-specific advice to keep your operations up and running. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please select from the following:

Bearing Questions - bearings@applied.com

Electrical Power Transmission Product Questions - electrical@applied.com

Fluid Sealing Product Questions - fluidseal@applied.com

General Industrial Supplies Questions -  indsupplies@applied.com

Hydraulic Product Questions - hydraulic@applied.com

Linear Product Questions - linear@applied.com

Maintenance, Analytical Tools & Accessories Questions -  tools@applied.com

Mechanical Power Transmission Product Questions - mechanical@applied.com

Pneumatic Product Questions - pneumatic@applied.com

Rubber Products Questions - rubber@applied.com

Spindle and Universal Joint Questions - spindle@applied.com