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Item Details
Part#: Part#: M082232.BANQ
Item#: 102075351
Manufacturer: David Brown Radicon
Weight: 158 lbs.
Product Name: Base Mount Double Reduction Series M Helical Unit
Description: 1 3/8" Input; 2 1/8" Output Shaft; 32 Nominal Ratio; 11.700 hp I/P @ 1750 RPM; 13,500" lb Max O/P Torque; 210TC Frame; C-Face Quilled Inline Helical Reducer
Inventory: Available
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Additional Info  Additional Info:  Ratings & Service Factors (66 KB)

Mfr. Unit SizeOutput Style
Input ShaftCenter Distance
Input ConfigurationC-Face QuilledNominal Ratio32
Output ConfigurationParallel ShaftOutput RPM @ 1750 rpm Input55 rpm
RatioInput (Shaft or Bore) Size1 3/8 in
Output (Shaft or Bore) Size2 1/8 inInput HP @ 1150 rpm [Max]
Actual Ratio [TYPICAL]32.97Base to Shaft Center Height7.09 in
Base to Shaft Center Height (High/Low)Bolt Pattern10.24 X 8.46
Box Height12.2 inBox Length15.553 in
Box Width12.6 inFrame210TC
Housing MaterialInput HP @ 1750 rpm [Max]11.7 hp
LubricationMaximum Output Torque [Max]13500 in lb
No. of Reductions2Output Bore [Min]
Output Bore [Max]Output Bore
Overhung Load CapacityUnit Size8
Bearing TypeBore Code

Product Information
<b>David Brown Ratings and Service Factors</b> Gear unit selection is made by comparing actual loads with catalog ratings. Catalog ratings are based on a standard set of loading conditions, whereas actual load conditions vary according to the type of application. Service Factors are therefore used to calculate an equivalent load to compare with catalog ratings. i.e. Equivalent Load = Actual Load x Service Factor <b>Mechanical Ratings and Service Factor Fm</b> Mechanical ratings measure capacity in terms of life and/or strength, assuming 10 hr/day continuous running under uniform load conditions. Catalog ratings allow 100% overload at starting, braking, or momentarily during operation up to 10 hours per day. The unit selected must therefore have a catalog rating at least equal to half the maximum overload. Mechanical Service Factor Fm (Table 1) is used to modify the actual load according to daily operating time, and type of loading. If overloads can be calculated, or accurately assessed, actual loads should be used instead of Fm. For units subjected to frequent stop/starts or overloads in excess of 10 times/day multiply factor Fm x Factor Fs (Table 2). For applications where units are to operate in extremely dusty or moist/humid atmospheres, unit selection should be referred to Textron Power Transmission application engineers.
  • Meets most requirements up to 120 hp with maximum output torque capacity of 98,200 lbf in
  • Patented standard motor connection (NEMA or IEC)
  • Ability to fit double oil seals on input or output shaft as required
  • Dimensionally interchangeable with other major manufacturers
  • Modular construction has minimized part count to maximize availability of product

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