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Hy-T® Wedge Cogged Belt

Item #100772565
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Product details

  • 3VX Cross Section
  • 60 in Outside Length
  • Cogged
  • 0.38 in Cross Section Width
  • 1 Rib


  • A narrower cross section and stronger construction reduce drive costs.


  • Narrow cross section for premium performance
  • Increased horsepower capacity vs. classical (A, B, C, D) profile belts
  • Cogged construction for increased flexibility around smaller sheaves
  • Potential for narrower sheaves for less bearing load
  • Shock loads
  • Higher horsepower drives
  • Confined space requirements
  • Most drives where traditional A, B, C and D profiles are used


Outside Length 60 in
Oil Resistance Yes
Approximate Inside Length 58 in
Temperature Range [Min] -40 °F
Inch/Metric Inch
Static Conductive Yes
Belt Style Cogged
Belt Cross Section Style 3VX
Reinforcement Polyester
Belt Match 1
Belt Size 3V
Material Neoprene
Cogged Yes
Color Black
Datum Length N/A
No. of Ribs 1
Cross Section Width 3/8 in
Rib Width 0.375 in
Cross Section Height 5/16 in
Weight 0.239 LB
EAN or UPC 37256038624
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