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Vickers D03 Solenoid Valve

Item #101850840
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Product details

  • Solenoid Actuated Valve
  • Solenoid Operated Operation
  • D03 NFPA Size
  • Double Solenoid
  • 3-Position, 4-Way, Spring Centered Function


  • Industry-standard solenoid valves provide precision directional control for any hydraulic system and can be subplate or manifold mounted.


  • These valves conform to ISO 4401 size 03, ANSI/B93.7M size D03, CETOP size 3 and NG 6


Tank Port Rating 3046
Compatible Fluids Phosphate Ester Fluids
Seal Material Viton
Overrides No Overrides
Response Type Standard Response
No. of Stages Single Stage
Manual Override Option Code None
Surge Suppressor/Damper None
Port Restrictor Plugs None
Manufacturer Part No. DG4V 3 6C M FTWL B6 60
Temperature Range [Min] -4 °F
Spool Spring Arrangement Code C
Model No. DG4V36CMFTWLB660
NFPA Size D03
Pilot Valve Type N/A
Watt Rating 20 W
Spool Shift Timing N/A
Rated Flow [Max] 20.00 gal/min
Reducer Module No
Mechanical Options None
Cycle Rate [Max] 0
Function Code 6
Temperature Range [Max] 158 °F
Mounting Manifold Mount
Performance Standard Performance
Rated Flow 21.00 gal/min
Valve Type High-Performance
Pressure [Max] 5,075 psi
Design No. 60
Electrical Connection Wired Terminal Block
Coil Type Code F
Electrical Connector Code T
Pressure Port Check Valve Pressure N/A
Coil Rating Code B
Solenoid Double
Spool Code 6
Function 3-Position, 4-Way, Spring Centered
Solenoid Energization Code None
Actuator Type Solenoid
Pilot/Drain None
EN Code None
Port T Pressure Rating 3000 psi
Port T Code 6
Solenoid Indicator Lights Code L
Solenoid Code B
Port Restrictor Plug Code None
Electrical Options None
Crossover P Blocked, A or B to T
Center Position P Blocked, A & B to T
Spool Indicator Switch Code None
Indicator Lights Yes
Leakage Standard Performance
Spool Center Condition A Port and Double Offset sensing switch on B Port
Body Material Gray Iron
Operation Solenoid Operated
Housing Code W
Coil Type Flying Leads, 1/2 in NPT Thread Wiring Housing
Manual Override Plain Override
Surge Suppressor/Damper Code None
Voltage & Frequency 110/120 VAC - 50/60 Hz
Fluid Cleanliness 19/17/14 micron
Weight 4.6 LB
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