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Vickers D03 Solenoid Valve

Item #101856114
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Product details

  • Solenoid Actuated Valve
  • Solenoid Operated Operation
  • D03 NFPA Size
  • Double Solenoid
  • 3-Position, 4-Way, Spring Centered Function


  • Industry-standard solenoid valves provide precision directional control for any hydraulic system and can be subplate or manifold mounted.


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Housing Code None
Reducer Module No
Coil Rating Code H
Indicator Lights No
Mechanical Options None
Tank Port Rating 3000
NFPA Size D03
Body Material Gray Iron
Crossover All Ports Open, Restricted
Port T Pressure Rating 3000 psi
Manual Override Plain Override
Cycle Rate [Max] N/A
Electrical Connection DIN 43650
Operation Solenoid Operated
Response Type Standard Response
Watt Rating 30 W
Fluid Cleanliness 19/17/14 micron
Compatible Fluids Phosphate Ester Fluids
Model No. DG4V-3-8C-VM-U-H7-61
Manufacturer Part No. DG4V 3 8C V M U H7 61
Rated Flow 10.6 gal/min
Voltage & Frequency 24 VDC
EN Code None
Spool Spring Arrangement Code C
Spool Center Condition A Port and Double Offset sensing switch on B Port
Surge Suppressor/Damper Code None
Spool Shift Timing N/A
Spool Indicator Switch Code None
Port Restrictor Plugs None
Function Code 8
No. of Stages Single Stage
Coil Type Code U
Solenoid Energization Code V
Temperature Range [Max] 158 °F
Solenoid Double
Actuator Type Solenoid
Spool Code 8
Mounting Subplate/Manifold Mount
Pressure Port Check Valve Pressure N/A
Manual Override Option Code None
Port T Code 7
Solenoid Indicator Lights Code None
Performance Standard Performance
Electrical Options None
Pilot Valve Type N/A
Overrides No Overrides
Pilot/Drain None
Center Position P to T, A & B Blocked
Rated Flow [Max] 20 gal/min
Temperature Range [Min] -4 °F
Solenoid Code H
Port Restrictor Plug Code None
Coil Type ISO 4400 (Din 43650) Connector
Leakage Standard Performance
Design No. 61
Electrical Connector Code None
Pressure [Max] 5000 psi
Valve Type High-Performance
Seal Material Viton
Surge Suppressor/Damper None
Function 3-Position, 4-Way, Spring Centered
Weight 4.6 LB
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