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S-L Classic Polyband Belt

Item #101916011
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Product details

  • B Cross Section
  • 3 Ribs
  • 58" Outside Length
  • Non-Cogged
  • 2 3/16" Cross Section Width


  • Polyband banded V-belts are engineered to handle those problem drives where vibration, sudden shock loads, or misalignment causes belts to turn over, whip, or jump off sheave. Two or more belts are inseparably joined together as one single unit.


  • Cable cord envelope construction
  • Cool running and flexible
  • Strong tensile cords minimize stretch
  • Static conducting and heat- and oil-resistant
  • More tolerant of shock loads


Belt Size B
Datum Length 56.8 in
Belt Match 3
Belt Cross Section Style B
Material Neoprene
Approximate Inside Length 55 in
Belt Style Non-Cogged
Outside Length 58 in
Cross Section Height 13/32 in
Cross Section Width 2 3/16 in
Inch/Metric Inch
No. of Ribs 3
Weight 2.4 LB
EAN or UPC 782475061846
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