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Dodge® Torque-Tamer™

Item #100839381
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  • Size 35 Torque Limiter
  • 1" Bore


  • When an overload occurs, the Torque-Tamer clutch is designed to slip, protecting the valuable reducer and other components in the drive train. Once the overload is cleared, the clutch automatically picks up the load.


  • Nonasbestos friction material ensures environmental safety
  • Long life bushing will not slip on the hub
  • Quick and simple torque adjustment
  • Slips at desired load by adjusting torque level
  • Resumes driving without resetting when the overload is relieved
  • No lubrication required


  • Not recommended for continuous slip-duty because of the possibility of excessive heat buildup.


Outside Dia. 3.5 in
Use With 35TT
Chain Size, Minimum No. of Teeth #35-34 Teeth, #40-26 Teeth, #41-26 Teeth, #50-30 Teeth, #60-18 Teeth, #80-15 Teeth
Torque Rating [Max] 1700 in lb
Overall Length 2.4375 in
Weight 2.84 LB
EAN or UPC 782475041343
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