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  • 4 in Outlet Diameter
  • Primary


Element Description Air Primary
Body Length (in) 10.5
Rated Flow MR (m³/min) 14.2
Rated Flow HR (m³/min) 17.6
Rated Flow LR (CFM) 399.055771
Body Length (mm) 266.7
Body Diameter Maximum (in) 10.5
Efficiency Test Std ISO 5011
Restriction HR (mm H2O) 203 mm H2O
Restriction MR (Inch H2O) 5.98 in H2O
Restriction LR (Inch H2O) 4.02 in H2O
Rated Flow HR (CFM) 621.54
Length 10.5 in, 266.7 mm
Rated Flow LR (m³/min) 11.3
Rated Flow MR (CFM) 501.468314
Restriction LR (mm H2O) 102 mm H2O
Outlet Diameter (mm) 101.6 mm
Restriction MR (mm H2O) 152 mm H2O
Outlet Diameter (in) 4 in
Family ECC
Body Diameter Maximum (mm) 266.7
Restriction HR (Inch H2O) 7.99 in H2O
Outside Dia. 10.5 in, 266.7 mm
Body Dia. [Max] 10.5 in, 266.7 mm
Restriction LR 4.02 inH2O, 102 mmH2O
Restriction MR 5.98 inH2O, 152 mmH2O
Style Round
Body Length 10.5 in, 266.7 mm
Efficiency 99.9
Restriction HR 7.99 inH2O, 203 mmH2O
Type Primary
Media Type Cellulose
Weight 3.7 LB
EAN or UPC 742330001028
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