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3-Ply Coolant Hose


3-Ply Coolant Hose
Item #100178578
  • Coolant Hose
3-Ply Coolant Hose
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  • Coolant Hose
Outer Diameter (mm) 72.89
I.D. 2.5 in, 63.5 mm
Style 4-Ply
Inner Diameter (mm) 63.5
Length 35.98 in, 914 mm
Length (in) 35.98
Inner Diameter (in) 2.5
Length (mm) 914
O.D. 2.87 in, 72.89 mm
Outer Diameter (in) 2.87
Weight 2.5 LB
EAN or UPC 742330021743
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