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Silver Shield CR® Series Chain


Silver Shield CR® Series Chain
Item #110485452
  • Silver Shield Chain
  • Cottered Construction
  • 1.000 in Pitch
  • Carbon Steel
Silver Shield CR® Series Chain
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  • Silver Shield Chain
  • Cottered Construction
  • 1.000 in Pitch
  • Carbon Steel


  • Standard heat treated carbon steel components coated with the zinc-based Silver Shield CR protection provide extended corrosion resistance
  • Specially formulated coating offers superior corrosion resistance in high-moisture environments and wash down applications within the PH range of 5 to 9
  • Salt spray test, indicating corrosion resistance, shows Drives Silver Shield CR® lasted 2x our competition
  • Fewer chain replacements results in lower total cost of operations
  • Maintains same working loads as carbon steel chain
  • Fully interchangeable with carbon steel ANSI chains
  • Full variety of sizes and configurations
  • custom engineering class chain available (customer specific stocking program also available)
  • Available with chrome pin for increased wear life due to reduction in rate of wear between the pin and bushing
Chain Type ANSI
Roller Width 0.627 in
Chain No. 80
Rated Working Load [Max] 600 lb
Link Plates Height 0.943 in
Pin Overall Length 1.283 in
Pin Diameter 0.313 in
Chain Construction Riveted
Roller Dia. 5/8 in
No. of Strands Across 1
Material Carbon Steel
Chain Pitch 1 in
Link Plates Thickness 1/8 in
Weight 1.954 LB
EAN or UPC 642051323549
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