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Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

Item #100193693
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Product details

  • 1.56 in Stroke


  • Used when greater control is required during the unclamp cycle
  • When timing sequences are critical
  • Less sensitive to system back pressures, resulting from long tube lengths or numerous components being retractedat the same time
  • Maximum clamping force in a compact design
  • Threaded body allows exact positioning and easy installation
  • Center-tapped plungers allow a variety of attachments
  • Single-acting spring return models simplify hydraulic tubing requirements
  • Double-acting models are ideal for applications requiring powered pulling or fast automated control
  • Removable base allows CYDA-15 to be threaded into a custom manifold


Cylinder Capacity Advance [MAX] 5.3 kN
Cylinder Capacity Retract [MAX] 2.7 kN, 600 lbs
Stroke 1.56 in, 39.6 mm
Oil Capacity - Advance 0.31 in3, 10.16 cm3
Action Double-Acting
Operating Pressure 150 to 3000 psi
Cylinder Effective Area - Retract 0.2 in2, 1.29 cm2
Operating Pressure [Max] 3000 psi, 210 bar
Operating Pressure [Min] 150 psi, 10 bar
Stroke Range 1.0 to 1.99 in, 24 to 47 mm
Operating Pressure Ranges [MAX] 3000 psi
Cylinder Capacity [Max] 49 kN
Oil Capacity - Retract 5.08 cm3
Series CYDA
Plunger Type Solid
Material Steel
Cylinder Capacity Range [MAX] 0 to 49 kN
Body Material Steel
Cylinder Effective Area - Advance 0.41 in2, 2.65 cm2
Return Type Double-Acting, Hydraulic Return
Weight 1.0 LB
EAN or UPC 662005305094
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