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Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

Item #115735685
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Product details

  • 5.91 in Stroke
  • 12.4 in Outside Diameter


  • Hydraulically controlled fast retraction
  • Lock nut provides mechanical load holding for a safe work environment
  • Designed to withstand up to 10% side-load of maximum capacity
  • Integrated tilt saddle allows up to 5 degrees of misalignment
  • Hardened surface resists side-loading and cyclic wear
  • Weather protected, inside and out
  • Replaceable bearings enclose the plunger external and internally for support
  • Certified lifting eyes, base mounting holes and collar thread as standard
  • Stop-ring to prevent plunger blow-out
  • Low friction lock nut, spin easy, save time and effort
  • The HCRL-Series Cylinders are available up to 1000-ton capacity and 24-inch stroke upon request. Contact Enerpac for more information.


Body Material Steel
Operating Pressure Ranges [MAX] 10000 psi
Bore Size 9.45 in, 240 mm
Base Mounting Holes Thread M16x2
Stroke 5.91 in, 150 mm
Locknut Height 2.17 in, 55 mm
Material Steel
Base Mounting Holes Bolt Circle 10.24 in, 260 mm
Surface Treatment Nitride
Base Mounting Holes Thread Depth 0.98 in, 25 mm
Base To Advance Port 2.8 in
Cylinder Class 300 Ton
Collapsed Height 16.57 in, 421 mm
Stroke Range 4.5 to 6.99 in, 120 to 174 mm
Oil Capacity - Retract 32.35 in3, 530 cm3
O.D. 12.4 in, 315 mm
Action Double-Acting
Return Type Double-Acting, Hydraulic Return
Cylinder Capacity Advance [MAX] 2969 kN
Cylinder Effective Area - Advance 65.74 in2, 424.1 cm2
Saddle Diameter 6.3 in
Extended Height 22.48 in, 571 mm
Base To Retract Port 1.92 in
Collar Thread Length 3.68 in, 94 mm
Plunger Protrusion 15 mm
Oil Capacity - Advance 388.23 in3, 6362 cm3
Plunger Diameter Tr 210x6
Series HCRL
Operating Pressure [Max] 10150 psi, 700 bar
Saddle Protrusion From Plunger 0.59 in
Collar Thread M315x3
Plunger Type Solid
Weight 0.0 LB
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