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Single-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

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Product details

  • Hydraulic Cylinder


  • Heavy disk springs maintain the clamping force - hydraulic pressure is used for release
  • Single-acting design allows easy setup of hydraulic system
  • Hollow plunger design allows easy retrofit for mechanical clamping
  • Custom butTons can be fitted into the plunger for clamping directly against a workpiece
  • Threaded body allows easy cylinders mounting directly into fixture plate
  • Internal threaded plunger allows accessories to be used easily for retrofit applications


Action Single-Acting
Cylinder Capacity [Max] 49 kN
Oil Capacity - Advance 0.05 in3, 8.36 cm3
Plunger Type Solid
Material Steel
Body Material Steel
Center Hole Diameter 0.35 in
Cylinder Capacity - Advance 12 bar @ 350, 2700 lbs @ 5000 psi
Return Type Single-Acting, Spring Return
Series MRS
Operating Pressure Ranges [MAX] 5000 psi
Cylinder Capacity Advance [MAX] 2700 lbs
Cylinder Capacity Range [MAX] 0 to 49 kN
Required Operating Pressure 5000 psi, 350 bar
Cylinder Capacity Advance At 350 [BAR] 12 bar
Tensioning Stroke [MAX] 0.09 in, 2.3 mm
Effective Clamping Stroke 0.09 in, 2.3 mm
Operating Pressure [Max] 5000 psi, 350 bar
Cylinder Capacity Advance At 5000 PSI 2700 lbs
Weight 1.4 LB
EAN or UPC 662005107247
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