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Single-Acting Spring Return Hydraulic Cylinder

Item #101967544
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Product details

  • 2.38 in Bore Size
  • 1.75 in Stroke


  • Lightweight, low profile design for use in confined spaces
  • Baked enamel finish for increased corrosion resistance
  • Plunger wiper reduces contamination, extending cylinder life
  • CR-400 coupler and dust cap included on all models
  • Grooved plunger end with threaded holes for mounting tilt saddles
  • Plated steel plungers
  • Single-acting spring return


  • CR-400 coupler and dust cap on all models


Cylinder Effective Area 4.43 in2
Height [Min] 3.88 in
No. of Speeds 1
Stages 1
Capacity Wt. [Max] 20 tons
Puller Capacity 20 tons
Oil Capacity 7 3/4 in3
Capacity @ 10,000 psi 20 tons
Collapsed Height 3.88 in
Cylinder Capacity 20 tons
Maximum Operating Pressure 10000 psi
Collar Thread N/A
Operating Pressure [Max] 700 bar, 10000 psi
Retracted Height 3.88 in
Height [Max] 5.63 in
Series RCS
Activating Fluid Hydraulic Oil
Outside Dia. 3.625 in
Single/Double-Acting Single Acting
Plunger Diameter 2 in
Plunger Internal Thread N/A
Body Material Steel
Optional Tilt Saddle Addition To Collapsed Height 1.02 in, 26 mm
Cylinder Class 20 Tons
Surface Treatment Paint
Base Mounting Holes Bolt Circle 1.57 in, 40 mm
Cylinder Capacity Advance [MAX] 22.1 Tons, 201 kN
Plunger Thread Length 0.32 in, 8 mm
Base To Advance Port 0.69 in, 17 mm
Bore Size 2.38 in, 60.5 mm
Saddle Protrusion From Plunger 0.13 in, 3 mm
Stroke Range 1.0 to 1.99 in, 24 to 47 mm
Saddle Maximum Tilt Angle Radius 5 degrees
Plunger Type Solid
Action Single-Acting
Operating Pressure Ranges [MAX] 10000 psi
Weight 11.1 LB
EAN or UPC 662005302109
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