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Self-Lubricating Metric DU® Cylindrical Bushing

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Product details

  • Metric
  • 30 mm Inner Diameter
  • 32 mm Outer Diameter
  • 25 mm Length
  • PTFE Material


  • DU bearings combine the advantages of many conventionally lubricated, metallic plain bearings-particularly high load capacity and dimensional rigidity-with the design freedoms of self-lubricating materials, including the ability to operate successfully well beyond the scope of conventional lubricants.


  • Agricultural equipment
  • Off-highway, truck, and automotive
  • Aviation
  • Business machines
  • Garden, lawn, and outdoor equipment
  • Hydraulics and values
  • Home applicances and consumer goods
  • Materials handling
  • Medical and dental


  • Steel backing gives DU its exceptionally high load carrying capacity
  • thin, compact design
  • excellent heat dissipation
  • and dimensional and structural rigidity.
  • Porous bronze innerstructure: This comprises a nominal 0.010" (0.25 mm) thick layer of carefully sized bearing quality bronze powder which is sintered onto the steel backing. This porous structure is impregnated with a homogeneous mixture of PTFE (polyte
  • PTFE-lead overlay: This low friction overlay, approximately 0.001" (0.025 mm) thick, provides an excellent initial transfer film which effectively coats the mating surface of the bearing assembly, forming an oxide type solid lubricant film. As this film i
  • Loads - P: dynamic pressures up to 20,000 psi (140 N/mm2) ensuring high load carrying capacity and excellent resistance to shock loading
  • Speeds – V: Speeds up to 1,000 ft/min (5m/s) without lubrication
  • 2,000 ft/min (10 m/s) with lubrication
  • PVs to 50,000 psi-ft/min (1.75 N/mm2 x m/s) for continuous operation, 100,000 psi-ft/min (3.50 N/mm2 x m/s) for short-term use. In actual operation, DU bearings have been successfully used at levels which approach 3,000,000 psi-ft/min (105 N/mm2 x m/s) lu
  • Temperatures from -328 °F to 536 °F (-200 °C to 280 °C) making it suitable for use in applications well beyond the scope of most liquid lubricants
  • Ideal for all types of rotating, oscillating, sliding motion, and both radial and thrust loading
  • Can be used totally dry, fully lubricated, or with intermittent lubrication and can be used in the presence of many industrial liquids


P Value [Max] 20000
Inch/Metric Metric
Temperature Range [Min] -328 °F
Max. Dynamic Pressure 20,000 psi
Groove Type No Groove
Material PTFE
V Value [Max] 1000
I.D. 30 mm
Bore Type Round Bore
Lubrication Self-Lubricating
Max. Static Pressure 36,000 psi
O.D. 32 mm
Length 25.000 mm
Has Flange No
Temperature Range [Max] 536 °F
PV Value [Max] 50000
Weight 0.088 LB

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