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620™ Retaining Compound

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Product details

  • Legacy part 62040
  • 50 mL Bottle
  • Green
  • High Temperature (450 °F), High Viscosity
  • Provides a Shear Strength of Over 3,500 psi On Steel


  • Requires a secondary heat cure to generate high temperature resistance.


  • Cylindrical parts


  • High temperature applications up to 450 °F (232 °C)
  • Fixtures in 30 minutes


  • Approved by the American Bureau of Shipping
  • CFIA


Container Size 50 mL
Container Type Bottle
Typical Use For High Temperature Applications
Temperature Range [Max] 450 °F
Shear Strength (Steel/Steel) 3800 psi
Color Green
Recommended Primer Primer N™
Gap Fill (Diametral) 0.015 in
Temperature Range [Min] -65 °F
Application High Temperature Applications, Cylindrical Parts
Cure Speed Fixture 1 h @ 25 °C
Cure Speed Full (Steel) 24 h @ 25 °C
Strength Medium
Weight 0.17 LB
EAN or UPC 79340620407
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