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Translucent Adhesive


Translucent Adhesive
Item #100869153
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Translucent Adhesive
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  • LOCTITE® AA 3922 Light Cure Adhesive is a transparent and colorless adhesive suitable for a wide variety of applications that require fast cure, flexibility, high adhesion, and autoclave resistance. LOCTITE AA 3922 cures in seconds when exposed to light of the proper wavelength and intensity and achieves excellent adhesion to glass, plastics and metals. The ability of this product to fluoresce under black light facilitates inspection of bonded assemblies for adhesive presence. LOCTITE AA 3922 was specifically designed for bonding stainless steel cannulae into hubs, syringes and lancets for needle assemblies. Suitable for use in the assembly of disposable medical devices, it is qualified to ISO 10993 for medical device applications.


  • Particularly suited to stress-sensitive plastics
  • Bonds metals, glass and ceramics in seconds
  • Low yellowing
  • Qualified to Henkel's ISO 10993 Protocol for use in disposable medical devices


  • ISO-10993 compliant
Temperature Range [Min] -65 °F
Appearance Clarity Slightly Hazy
Cure Type Ultraviolet, Visible
Viscosity (cP) @ 25°C 4,500
Container Type Syringe
Container Size 25 mL
Temperature Range [Max] 300 °F
Color Translucent
Key Substrates Glass, Metal, Thermoplastic, Polycarbonate, & Polyvinylchloride
Fixture Time 5 Sec
Weight 0.09 LB
EAN or UPC 79340320833
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