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Penetrating Oil


Penetrating Oil
Item #112321149
  • Kroil with Silicone Aerosol 16.5oz Case of Twelve Cans
Penetrating Oil
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  • Kroil with Silicone Aerosol 16.5oz Case of Twelve Cans


  • Kroil's 16.5oz aerosol can of penetrant with silicone (formerly known as SiliKroil) has the same great effects of our traditional Kroil formula, but with the added benefits of silicone to provide extra lubrication. Penetrates into the tightest of spaces to break the bond of rust, then provides lubrication at the primary level of the surface, subsequently freeing virtually any metal part. Excellent for use in coastal areas or any place where exposure to salt and weather is a factor. Since 1939, Kano has been a leading producer of penetrating oils and lubricants in the industrial maintenance, repair, and operations (“MRO”), and professional specialty trades. When stuck on a job, use Kroil.


  • Frozen Nuts, Bolts, Bearings, Studs, Pulleys, Shafts, Screws, Pins, Conveyors, Corroded Threads, Seized Metal Fasteners, Bearings, Pipes, Valve Guides, Chains and Sprockets, Parts and Tools, Equipment Disassembly


  • UNIQUE FORMULA: Traditional Kroil formula with the added benefits of silicone
  • FAST ACTING: Loosen stubborn rust or unfreeze frozen metal parts quickly
  • INDUSTRIAL PENETRATING OIL: The high solvency oil penetrates into tight spaces to break down rust and lubricate metal parts
  • APPLICATIONS: Use on bearings, slides, gate valves, hinges, chains and more. Excellent for use in coastal areas or any place where salt exposure and weather is a factor
  • CLEANS AND PROTECTS: Cleans and provides superior penetration and rust prevention
Specific Gravity 0.866 at 68 °F
Odor Solvent
Boiling Point 269.6 °F
Lubricant Type Penetrating
VOC Content 0.1453
Solubility Description Negligible in Water
Color Reddish
Viscosity 3.18 cSt at 104 ° F
Propellant Carbon Dioxide
Appearance Reddish Liquid
Corrosion Inhibitor Yes
Lower Flammability Limit 0.006
Container Size 16.5 Oz.
Relative Density 0.8596
Flash Point 132 °F TOC
Container Type Aerosol Can
Upper Flammability Limit 0.109
Weight 0.4 LB
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