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LPS MAX 1™ Dry Lubricant and Water Displacer

Item #118626761
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Product details

  • Aerosol Container
  • 11 oz Net Fill


  • The greaseless, dry-to-the-touch lubricant that penetrates quickly and displaces moisture to get parts up and running at max efficiency. Specially formulated to combat build-up, it's even safe for delicate mechanisms. Removes carbon build-up from surfaces and is safe on paint, fabric, and most plastics.Fast penetration into metal crevices to clean (carbon & other debris) & displace moisture
  • to provide long lasting dry film lubrication to precision instruments, locks, etc Prevents excessive wet grime and debris accumulation.


  • Cables | Circuit Breakers | Electronic Motors | Electronic Connectors | Molds | Nuts and Bolts | Locks | Power Tools | Hinges | Sliding Mechanisms | Ignition Systems | Switch Gears | Relays


  • Advanced greaseless formula with improved Penetration & Lubrication
  • Greaseless formula keeps precision parts moving
  • 38.7% more penetration and 19.3% more lubricity
  • Nozzle provides targeted or broad stroke application
  • Embossed can for improved hand grip
  • Locking flip straw actuator
  • Specifications :- NSF International: H2


Evaporation Rate <0.1 (BuAc = 1)
Melting Temperature <-58 °F
Flash Point 174.2° F Tog Closed Cup (Dispensed Liquid)
Color Light Brown
Auto-Ignition Temperature > 442.4 °F
Application Cables, Circuit Breakers, Electronic Motors, Electronic Connectors, Molds, Nuts and Bolts, Locks, Power Tools, Hinges, Sliding Mechanisms, Ignition Systems, Switch Gears, Relays
Net Fill 11 oz
Container Size 11 oz
Container Type Aerosol
Odor Methyl Salicylate
Partition Coefficient < 1
VOC Content 0.4%
Weight 0.688 LB
EAN or UPC 78827901169
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