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12 wt oz Non-Flammable Cleaner


12 wt oz Non-Flammable Cleaner
Item #118627033
  • Aerosol Container
  • Clear Color
  • Ether-Like Odor
  • 12 wt oz Net Fill
12 wt oz Non-Flammable Cleaner
    Shipment Options
  • Aerosol Container
  • Clear Color
  • Ether-Like Odor
  • 12 wt oz Net Fill


  • This non-flammable, industrial-strength, contact cleaner is formulated with worker safety in mind. The fast-evaporating formula contains no brominated solvents for an improved health and safety profile. And no residue means no rinsing or wiping is needed to keep the project moving.


  • Contacts | Controls | Sensors | Instrumentation | Meters


  • Non-flammable, low VOC formula
  • Fast evaporating
  • Heavy-duty solvent cleaning power
  • Does not contain harsh brominated solvents
  • Leaves no residue
  • Nozzle provides targeted or broad stroke application
  • Contoured can for improved hand grip
Percent Volatile 100%
Odor Ether-Like
Net Fill 12 wt oz, 340 g, 268 mL
Density 11.06
VOC Content 74 %
Physical State Gas
Specific Gravity 1.33
Vapor Pressure >300 mm Hg at 77 degrees F
Dielectric Strength 43.1 kV
Application Contacts, Controls, Sensors, Instrumentation, Meters
Vapor Density >1 (Air = 1)
Container Type Aerosol
KB Value 84
Evaporation Rate <1 (BuAc)
Color Clear
Container Size 12 oz
Boiling Point Above 131 °F
Water Solubility Slight
Shelf Life 5 Years
Propellant HFO-1234ze, Carbon Dioxide
Specifications NSF International, K2
Weight 0.75 LB
EAN or UPC 78827974163
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