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Applied Industrial Technologies has the industrial products you need to keep your cement plant's operations up and running. We understand when working in such a harsh environment that safety, lowering costs and eliminating downtime are vital for smooth operations. Look to Applied® to service your cement plant with heavy-duty bearings, material handling, power transmission, industrial rubber, fluid power, safety and maintenance items.

Conti®Alert is the first and only conveyor belt innovation to let you see belt wear in real time. The red bonding layer below the top cover is exposed when it is time to change the belt, helping you prevent downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

Conti®Alert is now standard on Plylon Plus 250/2, 375/3, 500/4, and 600/3 with a minimum 3/16" x 1/16" to a maximum of 3/8" x 1/8" covers.

Rexnord patented Sealed Joint Chain 900 series is specifically engineered to work in applications with abrasive materials such as cement. Many of the chains used within the industry suffer from premature failure that occurs when cement particles enter the chain joints. Known as "pitting", the cement materials begin to break down the chain components from within.

With the Rexnord Sealed Joint Chain 900 series, these premature failures are reduced by approximately 30%, saving you money over the total lifetime of the product.