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Eaton Airflex® Clutch & Brakes - Aggregate

Eaton Airflex® VC products are designed to excel in severe clutching and braking applications on heavy-duty equipment. The threat of large inertia loads and sustained slippage in applications within harsh environments such as the kilns and ball mills used in cement plants make Airflex® VC products the ideal choice to improve efficiency and maintain operating life.

Eaton Airflex® VC Products are Great for the Aggregate Industry:

• Ventilated construction dissipates heat rapidly

• Smaller diameters reduce contact velocity

• Torque capacities available up to 15,189,000 lb•in (1,706,629 N•m)

Where can these be used:

• Grinding mills

• Marine propulsion

• Metal forming machinery

• Oil and gas field machinery

Available in a variety of narrow and wide standard sizes:

• Uncomplicated design: Air actuation and the absence of linkages, splines or complex electrical circuitry, needed with other types of clutches, eliminates many mechanical failures and minimizes costly downtime.

• Shock-free engagement: Airflex® clutches bring grinding mill loads on line gradually, preventing peak power demands which exceed allowed maximums.

• Long service life: There is no mechanical linkage to maintain and Airflex® clutches require no lubrication.

• No-load starting: Airflex® clutches permit grinding mill motors to be started in the “unloaded” condition, keeping current demand within limits agreed upon with local utilities. The result is a substantial saving on power costs.

VC elements are available in 22 sizes which are identified by the drum diameter in inches on which they constrict and the width in inches of its friction lining. For a given drum diameter it is possible to have two different widths.

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