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Eaton's WeatherMATCH 4-Step Hydraulic Hose Assembly Program

This instructional program quickly demonstrates how to crimp a hydraulic hose assembly in four basic steps. Featuring ‘identifiers’ on the hose, the hose ends, tooling and assembly equipment, Eaton’s WeatherMATCH program demonstrates hose assembly in easy and efficient steps, reducing the possibility of mismatched components or concerns over compatibility.

Since hydraulic hoses are often utilized in essential applications, those new to the field or use may be concerned about how they select their hose and fittings. The simplicity of this 4-step program for crimping, should put these, as well as seasoned users at ease. From start to finish, the identifiers guide the way to the perfect crimp, allowing your hose assembly shop to make assemblies faster, safer and with more confidence than ever before.

Why Eaton WeatherMATCH?

Eaton’s WeatherMATCH program takes the guesswork out of selecting the proper hose end, crimp specification, tooling, and setting, for your hose assembly shop. Instead, each one is clearly marked, to match from start to finish.

Available Hose Options