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Emergency Preparedness & Recovery

Keeping Your Employees Safe is Your Goal. We Can Help You Prepare for and Recover From an Emergency!

More than 60% of the U.S. Population has been affected by a Natural Disaster.

Unfortunately, weather patterns have become increasingly volatile and unpredictable. Severe weather, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding and blizzard conditions, as well as natural disasters like earthquakes and wildfires, can strike with little or no warning. Make sure your business is prepared.

Advance preparation can make all the difference. Ensure you have a plan in place and the equipment and supplies you need to deal with the situation during and after the event. Doing so can save time, protect your employees and facilities, and speed recovery, all of which can amount to significant long-term savings.

For all your needs, you can trust Applied Industrial Technologies. Supplying more than 8.5 million products from more than 4,000 manufacturers, Applied® is your partner in providing products that are critical for preparedness and recovery.