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Glossary Subsets

Eccentric Collar

A ring having a recess on one side which is eccentric in relation to the bore. The collar fits over an equally eccentric extension of the inner ring of the insert bearing. The collar is turned in the same direction of rotation in relation to inner ring


Not having the same center.


The ratio of output to input. Volumetric efficiency of a pump is the actual output flow divided by the theoretical or design flow. The overall efficiency of a hydraulic system is the output power divided by the input power. Efficiency is usually expressed as a percent.


A material that can be stretched repeatedly to at least twice its original length. When the stress is removed, the material immediately returns to its approximate original length. Elastomeric couplings refer to couplings having an elastomer insert which

Electro-Hydraulic Servo Valve

A directional type valve which receives a variable or controlled electrical signal. This type of valve controls hydraulic flow.


The porous device that performs the actual process of filtration.

EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field)

The magnetic field formed any time current flows through a conductor.


A fluid formed by the suspension of one liquid in another.


The fractional increase in length of a material that is stressed in tension.


Enclosing an article in an envelope of adhesive or epoxy.


• In bearings, refers to the rubber seal or metal shield that protects the bearing from contamination.
• Also refers to the cabinet or specially designed box in which electrical controls are housed. It is required by the National Electrica


A feedback device that translates mechanical motion into an electronic signal or pulse. The more pulses per revolution (PPR), the more accurate the feedback device.

End Play

• The axial play of the outer ring in a bearing.
• The measured maximum possible movement of the inner ring in relation to outer ring.


The ability or capacity to do work, measured in units of work.

EP Agent

An additive that improves the extreme pressure properties of a lubricant.

Explosion Proof Motor

A motor in a specially designed housing that serves two purposes:
• If an explosive vapor or gas should explode inside the motor, the frame of the motor will not be affected.
• The enclosure is designed so that no such explosion will i


The migrating of adhesives from the interior to the surface of plastic.


A versatile group of polymers used for adhesive, sealant, coating, potting/encapsulation, impregnation and coating uses. Generally consists of two components, but can be a one part heat cured composition. Features high physical strengths, superior resis