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Glossary Subsets


When an electrical conductor becomes electrified and becomes magnetized.


The total apparent opposition a circuit offers to the flow of alternating current in an electrical circuit.

Inductive Current

Any current created by a magnetic field.


• The process of imbedding a reactive liquid into a porous substrate in order to change its properties.
• The process of adding oil into the porous cavaties in powdered bronze to assist in lubrication.


A substance which is added to slow down the rate of a chemical reaction.


A device for fastening and supporting a conductor.

Inner Ring

The inner part of a bearing that fits on a shaft and contains the external raceway for the rolling elements.


A device which converts low pressure fluid power to higher pressure fluid power.


A function of the mass and shape of an object. The inertia represents the property of an object that resists a change in motion.


A device that converts DC power to AC power.

IR Compensation

It varies the mount of voltage to the armature in response to current/load changes.

Internal Race

The ball or roller path on the bore of the outer ring.


International organization for standardization. An organization which establishes internationally recognized standards for products and test methods.