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Glossary of Terms - All Terms

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Glossary Subsets

Laminar (Flow)

A condition where the fluid particles move in continuous parallel paths.


A product made by bonding together two or more layers of material with adhesive.


Commonly called the OD of the inner ring or the ID of the outer ring.


The escape of electric current through defects in insulation or other causes.


A gain in output force over input force by sacrificing the distance moved. Mechanical advantage or force multiplication.


An process for refining the surface finish and the geometrical accuracy of a surface. Often a finishing process for many component parts or bearings.


The height a body or column of fluid is raised, for instance from the reservoir to the pump inlet. Lift is sometimes used to express a negative pressure or vacuum. The opposite of head.


The number of revolutions (or hours at some given constant speed) which a bearing runs before first evidence of fatigue develops in the material of either ring or any rolling elements.


Maximum and minimum allowable dimensions, resulting from predetermined tolerances to a specified dimension.


A tube, pipe or hose which acts as a conductor of hydraulic fluid.

Line Current

The measurement of amperage through the line.

Linear Actuator

A device for converting hydraulic energy into linear motion, i.e., a piston or ram.

Lock Nut

A nut used in combination with a lock washer to hold a bearing or component in place on a shaft.

Load Sensing

A type of circuit where the actual pressure or power required by the load is transmitted to the control elements. This typically allows the system to deliver only the pressure or power required, usually saving energy.

Locked Rotor

The maximum current drawn by the motor during the starting period.

Lock Washer

A washer with tongue and prongs to hold a lock nut in place.


A mechanical device which may be set to prevent the operation of a push-button or other device.

Loose Fit

A fit of inner ring, balls, and outer ring which results in larger radial clearance.


Power expended without accomplishing useful work.