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Glossary of Terms - All Terms

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Glossary Subsets

Magnetic Field (EMF)

The magnetic field formed any time current flows through a conductor.


A fluid conductor which provides multiple connection ports.

Manual Control

• A control actuated by the operator, regardless of the means of actuation.
• A lever or foot pedal control for directional valves.

Manual Override

A means of manually actuating an automatically-controlled device.

Manual Transfer Switch

A switch designed to disconnect a load from one power source and reconnect it to another source.

Maximum Capacity Bearing

A bearing with filling notches to allow the loading of the maximum number of balls. This gives the bearing more load carrying capability.


To regulate the amount or rate of fluid flow.

Mechanical Control

Any control actuated by linkages, gears, screws, cams or other mechanical elements.


To regulate the amount of fluid flow into an actuator or system.


A family of high performance thermoplastics having optical clarity, abrasion resistance and good physical strength properties.


To regulate the flow of discharge fluid from an actuator or system.

Micron Rating

The size of the particles a filter will remove under normal operating conditions.

Micron (µm)

• The size of a particle one millionth of a meter.
• The symbol for a micron is µm.

Molecular Weight

The sum of the atomic weight of all atoms in a molecule.


A rotary motion device which changes hydraulic energy into mechanical energy; a rotary actuator.


Lack of parallelism between the axis of the rotating member and the stationary member.

Motor Efficiency

A measure of how effectively a motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. While motor efficiency is never 100 percent, many energy efficient motors have efficiencies well above 90 percent. This compares with standard efficient motors where

Motor Circuit Protector

A disconnect switch that is specifically designed for motor circuits, it provides short circuit protection. A motor circuit protector differs from a standard breaker in that it does not have a thermal overload device.