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Glossary of Terms - All Terms

You may search any term or definition that contains a particular word or words. Enter the word(s) in the text box then click the Search button.

Additionally you may click on any letter to display terms starting with that letter. You may click an area from the Glossary Subset either before choosing the letter or after a letter has been chosen to limit the terms to just that subset.

Glossary Subsets


A unit of electrical resistance. One volt will cause a current of one ampere to flow through a resistance of one ohm.

Open Center

A condition where pump delivery circulates freely to tank in the center or neutral position.

Open Circuit

An electrical circuit whose continuity has been interrupted, as by opening a switch.

Open Loop

A system that does not use feedback information to regulate performance.


A restriction, the length of which is small in respect to its cross-sectional dimensions.

Outer Ring

The outer part of a bearing that fits into the housing and contains the internal raceway for the rolling elements.

Overload Relay

A relay that responds to an electric load and operates at a pre-set value of overload. The unit senses the current to the motor.


The chemical reaction of elements with oxygen which cause corrosion or deterioration.