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Glossary of Terms - All Terms

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Glossary Subsets

Tachometer Feedback

A tachometer (tach) generates a voltage proportional to speed. Tachs provide a closed-loop system with excellent speed regulation.


• Adhesive ""stickiness"" on an adhesively coated surface that is to yet not completely dried.
• The property of an adhesive that permits it to form a bond of measurable strength immediately.

Thermal Conductivity

The ability of a material to conduct heat.

Terminal Block

An insulating base equipped with terminals for connecting wires.

Tensile Strength

The maximum tensile load per unit area required to break a bond, expressed in pounds per square inch.


The reservoir or sump.

Thermal Overload Protector

A device which protects motor windings from excessive temperature by opening a set of contacts. This device may reach its’ pre-set trip point as a result of ambient temperature, current, or both.


A material capable of being repeatedly softened by heat and hardened by cooling.

Three Phase

Three lines of power supplied each 120° apart. Most common in heavy industrial applications.

Thrust Face

The face of a thrust bearing against which housing or shaft shoulder pushes.


To permit passing of a restricted flow. May control flow rate or create a deliberate pressure drop.

Time Delay Relay (TDR)

A device that performs a timing function upon being energized or receiving a control signal.

Timken OK Load

This is a measure of the extreme pressure properties of a lubricant. Lubricated by the product under investigation, a standard steel roller rotates against a block. Timken OK load is the heaviest load that can be carried without scoring occurring.

Torque Converter

A rotary fluid coupling that is capable of multiplying torque.

Torque Limit

This feature permits the operator to adjust the maximum current the motor can draw. This, in effect, limits the maximum torque the motor will produce.


A rotary or twisting force. The output torque of a motor is usually expressed in pound-inches (lb-in) or Newton-Meters (Nm).


• The amount a given dimension may vary from specifications.
• The range between two limiting sizes as a means of specifying the degree of accuracy.

Torque Limiter

A device used to protect a motor or other system components from damage due to overloads or jamming.


A device that transforms an analog signal to a specific variable output signal that is proportional to the input signal. Typical inputs include variable pressure, level, voltage or current.

Torque Motor

An electromagnetic device consisting of coils and the proper magnetic circuit to provide actuation of a spring restrained armature, either rotary or translatory.


A device used to change power into more usable forms. Usually to increase the voltage on the line just before power is supplied to a main entrance.

Track Roller

A radial roller bearing with a heavy section outer ring, intended to roll on track. Also known as a cam follower.


A rotary device that is actuated by the impact of moving fluid against blades or vanes.


An active semiconductor device with three or more terminals. Transistors turn on instantly. They don't require a warm-up time like a tube does. A transistor will last for years and very little voltage is needed.

Turbulent Flow

A condition where the fluid particles move in random paths rather than in continuous parallel paths.

Two-Way Valve

A directional control valve with two flow paths.