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Glossary Subsets


The unit of measurement for power. Amps times voltage is the amount of power that is used.


The flow of an adhesive into a tightly restricted opening.

Withdrawal Sleeve

• An axial slotted sleeve with a cylindrical bore, tapered outside, and male screw thread at the large end.
• Used for mounting and dismounting of a bearing with tapered bore on cylindrical outside surface of shaft.
• Also called

Wide Inner Ring Bearing

A bearing with the inner ring extended on one or both sides in order to achieve greater shaft support and permit addition of locking device or provide additional space for sealing devices.

Wye Connection

Same as a star connection. This three-phase connection is so called because, schematically, the joint of the ""Y"" points looks like a star.


Exerting a force through a definite distance. Work is measured in units of force multiplied by distance; for example, pound-feet or joule (1 J = 1 Nm).