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A Gear Drive That Works & Thinks For You

More often than not, problems in production aren't identified until it's too late - resulting in significant unplanned downtime and costly maintenance. The Rexnord Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Smart Gear Drive may proactively identify problems in your V-Class Gear Drive through data collection and analysis, before they cause part failure. Then, it digitally monitors and communicates results with your team. This innovative preventative maintenance reduces unplanned downtime, speeds up recovery time, and optimizes asset management for maximized productivity.

Capabilities of this revolutionary tool include:

• Monitors oil, vibration, load & speed status

• Collects real-time data with high-level business analytics

• Features local & remote status

• Connects & communicates with plant control systems

• Sends alerts & notifications

• GPS locator

Rexnord’s IIoT Smart Gear Drive identifies problems before part failure, not after, to avoid unplanned production downtime. By assisting to speed up recovery time and enhance asset management, V-Class Gear Drives can run efficiency and effectively.

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