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 What Does Your Storeroom Cost You?

Are your MRO parts scattered everywhere? Do you frequently find obsolete parts? Are there too many of one part and not enough of another? Then your storeroom could be costing you more than you think.

By some estimates, inventory carrying costs can run as high as 27% of a facility's inventory. And not having a part in stock when you need it can be equally costly - or even more so - in downtime and other expenses. That's why it's important to make sure you have the right mix of the right products on your shelves... and that you know how to quickly find them when they're needed.

Applied Industrial Technologies has developed our Storeroom Services program to help you efficiently identify, organize, stock, track and deliver more than four million line items when you need them. Storeroom Services enables you to cut costs associated with maintaining and issuing spare MRO parts, since you don't have to look for parts that may or may not be on your shelf.

> Storeroom Services is your cost-effective inventory management solution that includes:
       AppliedSTORE® - a unique inventory management solution that utilizes web-based, barcode technology to show your real-time inventory.
   Applied® Inventory Management System - employs six processes to help reduce your operating costs and maintain sensible, efficient inventory levels.
 SupplyPro® - automated dispensing systems for reduced replacement MRO supply costs and decreased downtime in searching for supplies.


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