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Sustainability Initiatives

Our customers’ choice of industrial products does more than keep their operations running. Selecting the right products can help keep workers safe, reduce environmental impact, comply with government mandates, lower operating costs and gain a competitive edge. Beyond sourcing products and coordinating services, our knowledgeable Applied® associates help our customers make the best choices for their operation.

Eco-Friendly Products

Selecting “green” products has many benefits over and above the environmental impact. It can be a smart business choice for lowering operational costs, creating a safer working environment, complying with government policies, and generating positive business relations.

The eco-friendly attributes of thousands of products are detailed in our Applied® Product Catalog and on our website. From belts to motors to chemicals, our manufacturing partners have identified these and other eco-friendly product attributes:

• Energy reduction products
• Recycled content products
• Bio-based products
• Biodegradable products
• NEMA Premium® products
• Green Seal® certified products
• ENERGY STAR® products
• Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) products
• EcoLogo® certified products

Eco-Friendly Knowledge

Our sales associates act in a consultative manner regarding eco-friendly products. We actively advise our customers on product selection that reduces environmental impact. Additionally, we provide expertise to customers on how to save energy in their operations. This includes conducting extensive energy audits in critical areas like motors, belting and gearing.

Eco-Friendly Operations

As a distributor rather than a product manufacturer, we’re fortunate to make a smaller impact on the environment than many companies in the industrial marketplace. Still, we continually look for ways to run our business successfully while safeguarding resources for future generations. Here are some of Applied’s internal initiatives in the areas of energy, water, waste and environmental management:

• Nearly two-thirds of our fleet of dedicated sales vehicles is made up of fuel-efficient vehicles which average nearly 30 miles per gallon.

• We concentrate our U.S. freight spend with EPA SmartWay Transport Partners. SmartWay is a collaboration between the U.S. EPA and the freight industry designed to increase energy efficiency while significantly reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution. Our partner in small parcel shipments ranks in the top 2% of EPA SmartWay Transport Partners in CO2 emissions per mile.

• Our indirect purchasing practices include purchasing ENERGY STAR® products as well as goods made from recycled material. Applied is undertaking a project to broaden our use of LED lighting, with the goal of reducing our carbon footprint by 50%. LED lighting is anywhere from 10-60% more efficient than existing lighting.

• We have implemented recycle programs and have developed procedures detailing the proper disposal of terminals, computers, printers and other computerrelated equipment. Our primary waste vendor in the U.S. reports that we are recycling approximately 10% of our waste.

Did you Know?

Applied’s Documented Value-Added® (DVA®) process helps us to document, track and report our customers’ energy savings and DVA services on a regular basis. Through the Applied® DVA process, our customers have acknowledged more than $2 billion in documented savings, many of them energy reduction opportunities.

Did you Know?

We have upgraded lighting in our DCs to LEDs for greater efficiency, longer life and less hazardous waste. Additionally, any new build projects are outfitted with the latest LED technology and motion sensors.