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The Electrak® HD is stronger, smarter and more robust than any electromechanical linear actuator Thomson has ever developed. Onboard electronics have reduced a need for standalone controls, higher power opens a wider range of hydraulic applications to electric conversion, and it meets the most extreme environmental acceptance tests.

• Built-in J1939 CAN bus option enhances controllability, can eliminate individual controls and simplifies OEM machine design

• Constant monitoring of critical parameters such as end-of-stroke, voltage, current and temperature

• Optional synchronization feature allows for motion integration of two or more actuators

• Higher load ranges up to 16 kN (3600 lbs.) are ideal for hydraulic-to-electric conversion applications

• IP69K (static), IP67 (static) and IP66 (dynamic) ratings prove Electrak HD can withstand the harshest environments

Why Thomson Electrak®?

Thomson Smart Actuators enhance diagnostic capabilities and controllability, using fewer components, less cabling and hardware. This results in decreased development time, weight and software costs, with increased functionality and machine performance.

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MORE REASONS YOU SHOULD SWITCH TO Thomson Electrak® HD Electromechanical Actuators:

  • No need for separate controllers and extra cabling for each actuator
  • Controls enable status and diagnostic information to be delivered instantly to operator’s control panel
  • Dynamic braking
  • Electronic trip point calibration
Common Applications:
  • ✓ One line of modular actuators to be used in multiple applications on the same machine ̶ all centrally controlled for individual loads - speeds - positions
  • ✓ Tested to meet various OEM mechanical and electronic component acceptance tests