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3M Clean, Safe Flooring

Shutting down your plant for maintenance can be messy. Newly-cleaned flooring may result in slippery tread from dust and spills. Keep your floors clean and shut down safety hazards.

• Cleaning Up - Often a shutdown means even more people than usual are coming and going from your plant. Help keep floors clean with 3M Clean-Walk mats. The sticky adhesive traps dust on contact so only clean shoes walk around your facility.

• Stopping Slips - Slips and falls can be serious on-the-job injuries. Make plant shutdowns and normal operations safer with 3M™ Safety-Walk products. These anti-slip tapes and treads help provide traction on slick surfaces.

Why 3M to Keep Your Floors Clean and Safe?

Learn more about these products and other 3M solutions for facility shutdowns.

Available Safety-Walk™ Products


Help protect your team as they clean, repair and maintain equipment during shutdowns with safety and facility maintenance products from 3M. From personal protective apparel to communication solutions, 3M offers a variety of products to help minimize downtime and keep your shutdown moving efficiently.

❏ Help protect your workers
Search 3M’s extensive lines of protective eyewear, coveralls, respirators, hearing protection and more for the products you need to help keep everyone safe.

» Personal Safety Products

❏ Plan for facility repairs
Stock up on supplies you’ll need to tune up your facility, like 3M™ Concrete Repair Self-Leveling, duct tapes, masking tapes, or adhesive removers. Get the right tools to help your plant closing go smoothly.

» Facility Care Products

❏ Upgrade your lane markings
While the facility is being repaired, replace old markings with new 3M marking tapes. These tough tapes adhere strongly to floors and other surfaces to help you mark clearly using the 5S or 6S system.

» Lane Marking Products

❏ Don’t forget the floors!
Keep dirt out of sensitive areas and promote safe, comfortable work environments with 3M mats. Keep your facility looking nice with mats that help you stop dirt in its tracks.

» Workplace Safety Products

❏ Tell everyone
Choose tools from 3M like Post-it® Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface and Post-it® Extreme Notes to help you leave directions where workers will see them.

» Communication Products

Are you planning a plant shutdown? Make sure you have the tools you need from a company you can trust. Purchase the solutions you need today.


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