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Having properly trained maintenance workers for over 20 years, to prevent and reduce costly equipment downtime and repairs. MaintenancePRO® courses offered by Applied® promote training on maintenance, troubleshooting, component application and failure analysis.


What to Expect from a MaintenancePRO® Course:

• Product information about the components in use at your facility

• Most classes combine lecture with valuable hands-on training labs

• World-class technical documentation and reference materials

• Highly qualified instructors who are experts in their fields

• Pre- and post-course assessments to evaluate the learning gain of the class

• No manufacturer bias

• Certificate of completion and achievement


Benefits of Training

• Reduced equipment and machine downtime

• Increased productivity

• Decreased maintenance cost

• Increased overall equipment efficiency

• Increased worker knowledge and productivity


MaintenancePRO® offers a wide range of courses to suit your needs:

• Advanced Industrial Hydraulics
• Advanced Industrial Pneumatics
• HVAC Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Fundamentals
• Arc Flash Electrical Safe Work Practices (ESWP)
• Basic Electricity for Mechanics Basic Industrial Hydraulics
• Basic Industrial Pneumatics
• Bearing Maintenance & Fundamentals
• Electrical Print Reading
• Fall Protection
Fluid Power Fundamentals
• Hydraulic Troubleshooting
• Lockout Tagout
• Lubrication Technology
• Motors & Drives Fundamentals
• Power Transmission Technology
• Pumps & Seals
• Rigging
• Root Cause Failure Analysis
• Technical Troubleshooting

For the MaintenancePRO Core Course Catalog - including full course descriptions, go here

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MaintenancePRO® courses can be customized based on your specific training needs, experience level and/or equipment.



Your maintenance/repair/operational needs, job skills and plant equipment are all unique. To be most effective, your training should also be customized.

Count on MaintenancePRO® Technical Training for the most effective, customized training programs available. Our training professionals will survey your facility and do a needs assessment. Within days, they will create an ideal training program for your requirements.

We'll customize for content, specific job needs, skill/experience level, equipment brand or type, and even your plant set-up.

In the past, we've customized courses for welding applications and equipment troubleshooting.


Apprenticeship Programs

With our skilled workforce aging, many companies will soon lose their most experienced tradesmen. It’s critical that the new generation of workers obtain valuable maintenance, repair, operational and troubleshooting skills to reduce costly downtime.

For electrical, millwright, mechanical or custom Apprenticeship programs, count on MaintenancePRO® Technical Training. Our trainers can bring your new workers up to speed very quickly.

Apprenticeship courses can be customized for your specific job needs, plant and equipment, and training sessions can be scheduled any time and in almost any location.


Information & Registration

Hotline: 216-426-4160 or 866-664-5733

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

MaintenancePRO® Technical Training
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Cleveland, OH 44115