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Continental Air Springs, when used with an air actuator, can offer added value as compared with standard steel spring bearings or hydraulic cylinders. These common parts can cause disruptive vibrations, which are reduced when Continental’s Air Springs are used, even under the toughest conditions.

Continental Air Springs can be used to replace metal springs on vibrating screens, belt scrapers, and other mobile equipment to increase life and reliability, while lowering maintenance costs.

Continental Air Springs:

Extends Equipment’s Life: Extends the overall life of equipment through superior vibration control & isolation capabilities

Noise Reduction: Reduce structurally transmitted noise and no spring chatter commonly associated with conventional coil springs

Precise Heights Control: Internal air pressure provides constant and precise height control; this feature eliminates the fatigue and permanent set found commonly when using a coil or other forms of isolators

Highest Degree of Isolation: Achieve natural frequencies as lower as 60 cycles per minute or 1 Hertz; can add auxiliary reservoir for even lower system frequencies

No Significant Frequency Change Regardless of Load Changes: Big advantage if a machine is unevenly loaded

• No air line / tank necessary for applications under constant load and small differences in height are permissible


These Air Spring Systems offer solutions for lubrication-oriented mounting of machines. From technical design to the harmonization of individual system components, these air springs enable very low natural frequencies, from 0.5 to 3.5 Hz (based on type).


Continental Air Spring Varieties:

Requirements for Calcuations:

  • Load or total
    weight – F (lbs.)
  • Exciting frequency – f (Hz)
  • Rate of revolutions – U or rpm (1/min)
  • Desired degree of isolation – η (%)
  • Number of air actuators (n)
  • Operating height – Hmin (in.)
  • Permissible installation diameter – D (in.)
  • Air pressure – pop (psi)
  • Inlet port size (G or NPT)
  • Chemical compatibility (MSDS)

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