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Superior Power Transmission Belts,
by Continental

Continental Power Transmission Belts are designed for tough industrial applications, built to increase service life and output while reducing maintenance costs and downtime. The consistency in raw materials and production processes – through time, temperature and tension – result in a more stable performance of the belt. High performing rubber compounds provide extreme temperature durability, high chemical stability, low gas permeability and resistance to mineral oils and fats.

Continental’s highly skilled production force utilizes the latest technology and control processes to ensure that products are manufactured as they were designed. Through rigorous process testing, engineers use advanced computer software, finite element analysis and proprietary modeling programs to develop and test new products. 


Not all belts are created equal...

Install any Continental power transmission belt, if it does not outlast the belt it replaces, you'll receive double your money back.

It is that simple.


The cogged design of our FHP belts provides a greater surface area for heat dissipation, allows increased air flow around the belt during operation, and improves flexibility. Low vibration for low noise. Our FHP V-belts run smoother and quieter, last longer and substantially improve energy efficiency compared to non-cogged belts.

Synchrochain Carbon

Light but durable polyurethane for teeth and backing. High-tensile yet longitudinally stable carbon for the tension member. Plus, a specially coated, wear-resistant face fabric. The intelligent design and high-quality materials ensure clean, smooth and reliable power transmission both at high torques or dynamic loads.


Unique state-of-the-art alternative to straight-tooth belts and drive chains has been enhanced to improve the overall performance of your drive design – and help you save energy. SilentSync is the same Helical Offset Tooth (H.O.T) design offering continuous rolling tooth engagement, ensuring a much quieter synchronous drive with reduced vibration.

Torque Flex

Torque-Flex’s premium classical profile construction delivers the horsepower you want on the drives you need it on—all at a lower component cost and with lower energy costs. Optimum performance with cut-edge or envelope design. 

HY-T Wedge

Featuring a narrow profile for compact, high-horsepower drives, this V-belt offers unmatched efficiency. And with a cut-edge or envelope construction as well as high-grade rubber, HY-T® Wedge provides maximum performance for minimum drive costs.

HY-T Plus

HY-T Plus V-belts have a universal classical profile. Plus, its high-strength Vytacord® tensile members and engineered rubber insulation allow it to effectively transmit drive power.



Falcon Pd

Falcon Pd is quickly setting the new standard in synchronous drive system belting. It is a reinforced rubber timing belt developed for a variety of extremely demanding drives. Falcon Pd runs quieter, up to 6dB in operation for a better environment while offering advanced flex-fatigue resistance to help extend belt life.

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