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Be a member of the winning team, with Torque-Team® banded belts, by Continental

Because of their banded or joined construction, these belts tend to prevent rollover and reduce vibration tendencies.

Banded V-Belts are recommended for use where belt vibration or belt whip causes unsatisfactory results when conventional multiple single V-belts are used. Such situations are not uncommon on drives with a combination of long belt spans and/or pulsating loads as created by an internal combustion engine or reciprocating pumps and compressors. In such cases, belt whip may become so severe that the belts interfere with each other and turn over in the grooves or even jump out of the grooves. Banded V-belts eliminate such problems.

-Banded Belts are usually better suited to unusual drive situations than are matched belt sets.

-They are available in the Classical cross sections (A, B, C and D) and Narrow cross sections (3V, 5V and 8V).


Conti Torque Team Plus® Construction:

• Known for strength, durability and performance

• Tension members are Aramid cable cords – twisted from Aramid fiber (five times stronger by weight than steel), then are treated for improved adhesion, improved flex life and increased resistance to shrinkage

• Torque Team Plus belts exhibit only one-half of the initial elongation of other belts and maintain greater dimensional stability over the life of the belt

• They stand up to higher horsepower, high-tension drive requirements, and abusive installations better than standard joined belts, multiple V-belt teams or chain and sprocket drives

• The cushion material is made of a highly engineered compound that resists harsh operating environments and compression fatigue. The wrapped construction is rubber compound-impregnated to protect the carcass for abrasion, heat, ozone, and oil. Together, these components offer a strong, flexible and efficient belt with extended service life.

Conti HY-T Wedge Torque-Team® Construction:

• HY-T Wedge Torque Team® belts are designed and built to deliver superior performance. HY-T Wedge Torque Team® belts are built with Vytacord. It provides the high-strength, high-horsepower rating capacity needed to effectively transmit drive power

• HY-T Wedge Torque Team® belts are available in a raw edge construction with cogs for increased flexibility and heat dissipation, or wrapped construction for drives where pulsation, shock loads, higher tensions, and longer center distances are involved

• HY-T Wedge Torque Team® cogged belts have heavy duty belt construction. The cogs also provide a larger surface area to dissipate heat and prolong belt life.

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