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CRC StopLight® Food Safety Program - Food Grade

Food safety is a top priority throughout the food processing and packaging industry. The entire supply chain is challenged to support recall prevention and safeguard against potential foreign object contamination. The CRC Food Safety Program addresses these challenges head on so that you can pass audits and operate your business with confidence.

CRC Food Grade Packaging has been redesigned with a distinct new layout for easy identification of food grade products. A QR code provides quick access to allergen certificates, NSF registration letters, and Safety Data Sheets. The innovative Perma-Lock® 2-Way Integrated Actuator remains securely in place, minimizing the risk of foreign object contamination.

CRC StopLight® is a visual identification system designed to mitigate MRO chemical risk in food processing and packaging zones. Color-coded stickers (red, yellow, green) are applied to MRO products to categorize them into permissible usage areas and storage locations. The program is flexible, allowing each facility to decide how to best implement in alignment with HACCP initiatives.

CRC ToolBox provides educational materials and training sessions to promote product usage awareness and encourage compliance with food safety practices.

Applied® has the capabilities to work in partnership with CRC to provide personalized MRO safety and compliance assessments and advice from HACCP-certified sales leaders.


Food Grade Packaging

Perma-Lock® 2-Way Integrated Actuator
Prevention. Not Detection®

All CRC Food Grade aerosols feature a precision-engineered no-slip actuator that holds the spray straw securely in place while offering two distinct spray patterns: wide spray in the “down” position and precision spray in the “up” position.

Green Band | Product Name

A green band surrounds the entire product, guaranteeing visibility from any angle. A prominently displayed product name ensures immediate recognition of its designated purpose.


The QR Code provides instant access to essential documentation, including allergen certs, NSF registration letters, and safety data sheets for each specific product.

New Logo

The new CRC Food Grade logo makes recognition of products fast and easy. Positioned clearly in the front and center of the packaging makes each product quickly identifiable as part of the Food Grade line.

New Can Design

A sleek, white dome-top can further differentiates food grade products from other MRO chemicals on the plant floor. An overall matte finish reduces glare for clear legibility.


All CRC Food Grade lubricants are registered as H1 with NSF, making them acceptable for use in areas that have incidental food contact. The NSF category code and registration number are prominently displayed to aid in the identification and inspection process.


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