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Dodge Torque Arm II – Shaft Mounted Gearbox - Aggregate

With 60 years of proven dependability and more than 1.8 million units in service throughout the world, Dodge Torque-Arm speed reducers are the industry standard and the benchmark to which others are compared. The Torque-Arm II is a shaft mount helical gear reducer that mounts directly to the driven shaft with a number of accessories available to produce versatility, cost savings and long life. A long list of standard features make this reducer suitable for a wide range of environments right off the shelf.


Dodge Torque Arm II - Shaft Mounted Gearboxes ARE GREAT FOR THE AGGREGATE INDUSTRY:

• Twelve reducer sizes with modular accessories for both imperial and metric designs
• TA II products are in conformance with ATEX directive 94//9/EC guidelines
• HP through 400 (300kW), and torque ratings through 500,000 lb. in. (56,500 Nm)
• Standard 5, 9, 15, 25 and up to 40: 1 gear ratios
• Nearly 300: 1 speed reduction with v-belt drives
• Patented twin tapered bushing system
• Bushing bores 1 in. through 7 in. (25mm – 160mm)
• Premium HNBR oil sealing system and filter breather
• Industry leading backstop design
• Steel motor mount system
• All reducers can be shaft mounted, screw conveyor, vertical and flange mounted
• Smooth, rugged class 30 cast iron housings with pry slots

  • Apron feeder
  • Belt conveyor
  • Bucket conveyor
  • Drag conveyor
  • Ribbon mixer
  • Roller bed
  • Screw conveyor
  • Vibratory feeder
Common Industries:
  • ✓ Aggregate
  • ✓ Mining
  • ✓ Cement
  • ✓ Asphalt
  • ✓ Grain
  • ✓ Mixing and milling
  • ✓ Oil & gas - ethanol
  • ✓ Water & wastewater
  • ✓ Forest products

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