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Donaldson Hydraulic Filtration - Aggregate

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Applied® & Donaldson can help maximize equipment availability & product life, while reducing total cost of ownership

Applied® can help recommend solutions based upon your equipment, your environment and your duty cycle:

• Extend equipment life
• Maximize equipment availability
• Lower risk of catastrophic failure
• Extend maintenance intervals
• Use predictive methods to identify source of wear
• Deploy high-efficiency filtration
• Adopt predictive maintenance schedules
• Minimize operational expense


Your Challenge

Our Solution

Purchasing Options

Donaldson Dust Ingestion 

Donaldson Blue® Air Filters

Designed for extended maintenance intervals, minimizing dust exposure during filter changes

Ultra-Web® high-efficiency media delivers greater protection from the moment it’s installed


Bye Now: Donaldson Blue Air Filters

 Donaldson Injector Wear

Donaldson Clean Diesel Kit

Implemented comprehensive approach to fuel storage

T.R.A.P.™ breathers on bulk tanks limit additional in-tank contamination

Filters at the point of fuel dispensing polish the fuel before it’s pumped into equipment


Bye Now: Donaldson Clean Diesel Kit

 Donaldson Gearbox Wear

Kidney Loop Filtration

Filter manifold applied to meet flow/pressure needs

Donaldson Blue® high-efficiency filters chosen to remove particulate and protect sensitive components

Oil was continuously cleaned to protect the gearbox from wear


Bye Now: Donaldson Kidney Loop Filtration

Donaldson Short Service Interval 

Donaldson Lube Filters

Conducted fleet evaluation and provided a recommendation to meet service interval need

Donaldson Blue® lube filters offer seals that last longer and have high-efficiency Synteq™ media


Bye Now: Donaldson Lube Filters


Benefits You Can Expect When Working with Applied® & Donaldson Hydraulic Filtration Solutions




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