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Applied® Goes Green

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Our business operations don’t just impact the environment every day – they depend on it. That’s why Applied® upholds a commitment to environmental sustainability.

For us, “going green” means so much more than offering a vast selection of eco-friendly MRO products. It means advising our customers on how to reduce their overall environmental impact. And, it means being a responsible corporate citizen by implementing greener practices in our own operations.

Going green can make all the difference. Make sure you have the right products and knowledge in place to conserve resources and energy. Doing so can help lower operational costs, create a safer working environment, comply with government policies, and generate positive publicity for your business.

We care about your needs and the environment’s. 

Supplying more than 6 million products from over 4,000 manufacturers, Applied® is nearby and ready to provide you with product alternatives that are bio-based, energy efficient, and made with recycled material. Look for the eco-friendly icon while browsing our product catalog and website.

When browsing our product catalog and website, look for the eco-friendly icon.

It indicates that our manufacturer-partners have identified eco-friendly attributes in a product. For specifics, look in the product detail information.

How to be Eco-Friendly

We’re passing on valuable product and systems knowledge to help our customers make sustainable choices for a greener tomorrow.

  • Turn off machines and power strips that aren’t in use (GSA.com)
  • Recycle cardboard, plastic, catalogs, magazines, metals and used oil
  • Re-use skids, plastic shipping crates, packaging materials and cardboard boxes
  • Utilize high-efficiency fluorescent bulbs and motion-sensor lighting
  • Dispose of chemical waste using companies that provide environmental services
  • Opt for an automatic, temperature-controlled thermostats
  • Develop guidelines on the proper disposal of terminals, computers, printers and other computer-related equipment
  • Utilize HEPA filtered backpack vacuums, Green Seal certified cleaning products, and color-coded cleaning supplies to reduce cross contamination
  • Offer incentives to encourage eco-friendly transportation through van & car pools, bike day, bus passes, trains, etc. (GSA.com)
  • Consider hand-washing dirty dishes in the break room instead of running the dishwasher (GSA.com)

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with Eco-Friendly Loctite® Containers

LOCTITE® offers an innovative recycling solution designed to help reduce waste. You can recieve a postage-paid recycling box to collect your used LOCTITE® adhesive containers. Once full, the box is sent to TerraCycle®   where the contents will then be recycled responsibly.

Please Contact Us to obtain a Loctite® Recycling Box for your facility.

All Things Fresh and Aerogreen

Aerogreen specialty cleaning solutions help your commercial, industrial and aviation applications stay clean while going green.

  • 95% VOC reduction
  • Safe alternative to toxic solvents
  • Refillable
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Bio-based & safe to use

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Contact your Applied® sales associate at 1-877-279-2799 to discuss your eco-friendly and energy efficiency requirements.