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Food & Beverage

Habasit Conveyor Belting - Food Grade

Habasit has developed an extensive variety of solutions that allow customers to choose the best product for their application. Special focus of all developments is on the increasing hygiene standards within the food industry. Habasit offers products that comply with all relevant direct food contact regulations and guarantee trouble-free and safe food production.

Habasit products demonstrate excellent release properties even for very sticky goods, reliable positioning of products on the belt, high longitudinal flexibility to handle small pulley diameters, superior abrasion, chemical and oil resistance as well as easy-to-clean surfaces. They offer solutions for cooling tunnels, power-turns, metal detecting, general conveying, packaging and checkweighing– in short for all related belting applications.

Industrial food production, especially sensitive processes in the protein industry, requires advanced technologies and equipment able to cope with today's major challenges: optimizing efficiency, reducing downtime, higher yield demands, and hygiene and food legislation requirements. This equipment is also expected to improve cleaning efficiency and sanitation – all with the ultimate aim of providing safe food at a reasonable cost. Conveyor belts are a critical component of these requirements and standards since they are in direct contact with unwrapped food during most of the manufacturing process.

With this in mind, Habasit has developed a broad range of conveyor and processing belts that allows customers to choose the best solution for every application. Habasit solutions comply with all applicable food contact legislation (FDA and EU), and many of their products.


Habasit Cleandrive™ is the industry's most thoroughly engineered monolithic belt, featuring unique performance-oriented design elements such as:

• High-stability aramid cords

• Microbial-resistant premium material

• Transfer-optimizing flexibility

• Sanitation-friendly drive bars

Habasit Cleandrive™ monolithic belt solutions are completely closed so they never trap food particles and production byproducts.

Hygienic design isn’t the only superior aspect of Habasit Cleandrive™. They’ve encased reinforcement cords in Habasit Cleandrive™ belts to eliminate stretching and elongation.

And, Habasit's premium polyether TPU, has unbeatable chemical-resistance and hydrolysis-resistance so you never have to worry about Cleandrive’s ability to stand up to your cleaning regimen.


The Habasit Saniclip is an innovative device for quick belt assembly and easy belt sanitation.

The Saniclip allows for simple rod installation/removal for applications where frequent belt sanitation is required. Habasit Saniclip has an easy to grip edge clip for easy removal in wet or greasy environments. Multiple Saniclips can be installed on a single belt to allow for easy opening at several locations.

Habasit Saniclip Key Features:

• Available in POM (yellow) or Nylon (blue)

• Reduces downtime

• Extracted or installed in only seconds

• No tools required

• Non-slip surface for easy removal and installation in wet / fatty environments

Premium TPU

Habasit TPU-coated fabric belts are widely used in the food processing and packaging industries thanks to their versatile properties. The high abrasion resistance of the thermoplastic material helps to keep the belt surface smooth and easy to clean for longer. This also results in the belts maintaining very good release properties over their entire lifetimes. TPU belts are suitable for operation in a wide range of temperatures and remain flexible in cold conditions. They do not influence taste, which makes them particularly suitable for use in the food industry.

Habasit Premium TPU Key Features:

• Temperature resistance up to 110 °C

• Low-wicking

• Hydrolysis resistance

• Frayless

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