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Rafael Benitez Carrillo, Inc.

Our mission at Rafael Benitez Carrillo, Inc. is to satisfy our customers' needs with a quality product and a dedicated, effective sales force. It is our integrity and cooperation that distinguishes us from others. With our motto "Service Is Our Main Product," the largest inventory of power transmission products in the Caribbean and our access to one of the biggest and most complete inventories of industrial parts in the United States - we SERVE YOU BETTER!

Founded as a family business in 1934 during the depression, Rafael Benitez Carrillo, Inc. began selling high quality products to the sugar industry established in Puerto Rico at that time. By 1955, the business was flourishing and was incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

We have two facilities in Puerto Rico - our main offices and warehouse, which have been in Miramar, San Juan since 1953 along with a branch location in Ponce since 1968.

We are the main suppliers of power transmission products in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Products include chain, belts, v-belts, motors reducers, seals, bearings of various types and lubricants in quality brands such as SKF, Torrington, Timken, US Motor, Reliance, Dodge, ContiTech, and more.

In October 1998, we became a wholly owned subsidiary of Applied Industrial Technologies. With this effort, we now have access to one of the largest and most complete inventories of industrial parts in the United States to better serve you.

Applied Industrial Technologies

San Juan

Calle Estado #715
San Juan, PR 00907
P: 1-787-725-7635
F: 1-787-723-1257


Centro Regional de Distribución
Edificia No. 4 - Seccion 5
Ponce, PR 00731
P: 1-787-848-5660
F: 1-787-844-1944

Applied Industrial Technologies

Contact Directory

Ivan Batista, General Director - ibatista@applied.com
Hector Santiago, Sales Director - hsantiago@applied.com

San Juan (P: 1-787-725-7635)
Félix De Jesus, Branch Manager - fdejesus@applied.com

Lisandra Berrios, Account Manager - lberrios@applied.com
Mitchell Gomez, Account Manager - mgomez@applied.com
Jorge La Santa, Account Manager - jlasanta@applied.com
Hector de Leon, CSSR - hleon@applied.com
Alberto Matta, CSSR - amatta@applied.com
Jannette Ramos, CSSR - jramos@applied.com
Abraham Albelo, Counter Sales Supervisor - aalvelo@applied.com
Josue Matos, Counter Sales - jmatos@applied.com
Victor Sepulveda, Fluid Power Specialist - vsepulveda@applied.com

Ponce (P: 1-787-848-5660)
Francisco Diaz, Branch Manager - fdiaz@applied.com
Juan Carlos Rivera, Account Manager - jrivera@applied.com
Luis Perez, CSSR Cemex Plant - lperez@applied.com
Angel Melendez, CSSR - amelendez@applied.com
Israel Merced, CSSR - imerced@applied.com
Benny Rivera, CSSR - brivera@applied.com

Administration (P:1-787-751-7500)
Carlos Ramis, IT & Operation Manager - cramis@applied.com
Judith Reyes, A/R - jreyes@applied.com
Mayra Fernandez, A/P - mfernandez@applied.com
Gilca Velez, Account Manager - gvelez@applied.com